Top 5 Webinar Platforms In 2021

Defying geographical restraint, 2020 has seen an immense surge in virtual spaces. Reacting to the uptight trend in the global market, companies are now diligently working towards personalizing their communication with their clients.
After observing the trend especially in B2B markets, we deliberate that webinars are the most efficient and cost-cutting mode of productive communication.
After recognizing the success of the webinars, listed below are 5 such webinar softwares that will help you to get a fulfilling experience.


Livestorm is a web-conferencing software that targets companies of all sizes. So if your company wants to host webinars and online meetings for marketing, sales, communications, then Livestorm is the fitting platform for you.
Along with HD A/V quality, a webinar at Livestorm feels interactive with its chats, polls, and Q&A feature. The Livestorm team has optimally mobilized their resources to make their platform user friendly. Realizing the value of a user’s time, they have designed their software in such a fashion that the software does not need to be downloaded on any device. The easy to access software helps the organizers to increase the attendance of the webinar.
Seeing the surge in virtual platforms, Livestorm has invested its resources in customer support by providing:
-Detailed FAQs
-24/7 support via email and live chat.
-Online training.
Focusing on Customer Relationship Management:
-It has a built-in email automation option along with landing and thank-you pages.
-It provides an analytical dashboard with clear conversion statistics and attendance tracking.


If you are looking for a software that has been tried and tested over time, GoToWebinar is your answer.
GoToWebinar was released by GoToMeeting to actively develop its market position as a webinar hosting platform. Following the market trends, the software has progressively updated the platform with features like:
-Automated email templates and reminder emails
-Customizable branding
-Outlook® calendar integration
-Self-service attendees registration
-Pre-webinar practice sessions
-Desktop/application sharing
-Content Library
-Polls and Q&As
-Reporting & Statistics
-Behaviour Tracking
-Third-Party Integration
-Video Recording, conferencing, and streaming
GoTo is an engaging and easy to use platform where users can share their knowledge, conduct training, and strategize marketing campaigns.


ON24 has consciously structured its platform keeping marketers in mind. This software focuses on Live, On-Demand, and Personalized Engagement which can be converted into actionable intelligence.
After accomplishing over a billion engagements, ON24 has become one of the widely used platforms by companies around the globe. This software is ideal if you are looking for:
-A platform for conducting a webinar
-Hosting a virtual event
-Hosting up to 5000 live attendees
The software allows you to be involved with your audience with its features like:
-Role-based Access
-Attendee Live Chat
-Polls and Surveys
Alongside its unique feature of Social Media and Software Integration ON24 targets to empower its users with event analytics and attendee reports.


Rising above the geographical limitations, Remo has targeted to provide an interactive conference room to its users. The success of this startup lies in its excellent graphic interface. This software allows you to have a typical conference setup where different virtual tables are accessible for networking in live video conversations.
Remo empowers its users with reliable features like:
-Team collaboration
-Screen Sharing
-Email reminders
-Registration management
-Customizable branding
If you are intending to enhance the engagement amongst the audience, then you can rely on features like:
-Interactive polls
-In-app chat
-Voting and Q&A sessions
Even though Remo is ideally structured for virtual conferences, yet, it is a preferred software for hosting webinars. It is often endorsed by Tech companies, followed by Marketing, Design and Media, Banking, Finance & Insurance.


-HD screen sharing
-Attendees engagement reports
-Easy broadcasting on channels like Facebook and YouTube
-Breakout rooms
Even after having generic features of a webinar platform, Zoom webinars feel similar to Zoom meetings. Focusing on its meet feature, the software limits itself to provide advanced marketing automation features of persuasive webinar registration pages.
We would recommend you conduct your webinars on Zoom if you do not intend to promote your marketing objectives.
Investing resources in the right software may seem like a daunting task. Define your primary requirements, match them with the suggested software and finish your research with optimizing the platform.
The ideal webinar software is not the one with the most features but the one tailored around your very needs!
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